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  How does Music influence lives? Do you apply certain songs to a part of your life? Wow!  Not a tough challenge but where to start?  “Sparky and His Magic Piano”, “Tubby The Tuba”?  Aside from nursery songs those are what I first remembered from the radio and that set the pattern.  We always had […]

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Wild America

It was going to be “Raccoons:  Continuing Saga” with another possibility of “Forget the Gun…Where’s The Camera” but given that one title referred to our nocturnal visitor while the other my recalcitrant partner “Wild America” took care of both.  Got her a new, fancy camera for Christmas…takes great pics and, admittedly, not without the persistence […]

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Okay, so we all know I’m a night-hawk.  Who told the raccoons??  Yeah, yeah…it was cute and I was daft enough to feel very privileged that the furry family chose to visit our home, our feeders on their nightly foraging.   At least a year or so ago, I did.  Ask me now!  Then again, it […]

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