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Breaking News!!  Alright…so here I am being like the coo’s tail (a’ ahent) but…to borrow from Gaberlunzie…”The time is right, the time is now……..”.  The long-awaited memoirs of Three Dundee Wifies an’ Boab has hit the streets…okay, well, the mailboxes.  Three women and a lad, none of whom have ever met (except in cyber space) […]

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Two Thoughts On Tuesday  — Car Shopping Well…we weren’t actually car “shopping”, more browsing.  Been two years since we picked up our Smart ForTwo and we were thrilled with it.  We DID have fun with it..lots of fun…but decided we should consider trading it in.  We bought it for a commuter car (of course!) and it […]

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Wild America

It was going to be “Raccoons:  Continuing Saga” with another possibility of “Forget the Gun…Where’s The Camera” but given that one title referred to our nocturnal visitor while the other my recalcitrant partner “Wild America” took care of both.  Got her a new, fancy camera for Christmas…takes great pics and, admittedly, not without the persistence […]

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