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This weeks theme is going to be a fun one we all put stuff on the refrigerator… So this is an easy one, do you have lists, photos, nothing – you just can’t stand anything on it? What’s on my fridge…hmmm…well, now here’s something no-one would guess.  One of three cats at any given time!  […]

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This is week #69 on Top Sites Tuesday and it’s hot outside! So today’s question is all about staying cool on these hot Summer days. How am I staying cool this summer?  Well…greetings, y’all…from Nome, Alaska, enjoying a balmy average 52F, roaring fire and a piping hot mug of hot chocolate…with marshmallows.  Had a quick skim […]

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Wild America

It was going to be “Raccoons:  Continuing Saga” with another possibility of “Forget the Gun…Where’s The Camera” but given that one title referred to our nocturnal visitor while the other my recalcitrant partner “Wild America” took care of both.  Got her a new, fancy camera for Christmas…takes great pics and, admittedly, not without the persistence […]

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