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Nancy Cleveland
Born in Dundee, Scotland, ffmmmpphhh years ago and moved to the US some years later. A bit nomadic I've been privileged to enjoy a number of years travel and living in Italy, Spain, Guam, several States. I'd keep going if I could but six dogs, four cats and six birds renders travel too much of a chore these days. Delaware has been home to us for almost ten years and, unless we return to MN, probably will be for the next forty (I have a definite plan for longevity). Music, books, writing have been my three passions in life...which really work well given as opinionated as they tell me I am. Animals used to be the fourth but somehow that's worn a little thin. Like the young woman who dreams of a houseful of children...until she has ten of them. You love 'em all but certainly have no desire for more. (That last is a direct hint to my partner with whom I share a home, pets and a great deal of happiness until I hear again the mumblings of "with this many what's one more?").

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