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Monthly Archive for August, 2009

This week the theme is: Tag your it! What game did you like to play as a kid or as an adult? My childhood was a city one, raised maybe five blocks from the centre.  We lived in what would probably equate to a cold-water walk-up apartment…tenement of which there were two buildings comprising 72 […]

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Prison Break

That will be my agenda for tomorrow…heading out for my usual Friday lunch date.  Other than my volunteering at the hospital on Wednesday afternoon I’ve either been a prisoner or grounded so…considering my age, made more sense to go for ‘prisoner’.  After all, who would dare ground me?  It’s this weather…not a word I use much […]

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As with many things, and as I’ve said before…I can never have just one.  While thinking about this week’s Blogdumps poser (that would be at www.blogdumps.net ) a number ran through my mind…adages I’d hear from my mother and grandmother are never far from the surface, quotes I’d read, one or two adorning my office walls but there […]

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