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Monthly Archive for April, 2009

I know, in packaging, many things have changed over the years…as recently (recently?  LOL) as the 80’s I used to buy 8 o’clock coffee in a three pound bag and keep a one pound bag for an emergency supply.  Subtly, it changed to a 12oz for the 1lb. and though not exactly sure of the change in […]

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Why Not US??

Segment of last night’s news covered the border crossing in/out of Mexico, at El Paso.  Guards were interviewed, asked what checks they were making to ensure anyone possibly carrying a virus…which could be this Swine Flu.  Well…stopping every vehicle as usual and if someone appears to have sniffles or is sickly, they investigate further.  Upwards of […]

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This Weeks theme is “Happiness” We all have something in our life to be Happy About! I’ve given much thought to happiness over recent years.  A number of years ago my best friend was relating to me about another friend of hers whose husband had left her and her daughters a couple of years prior.  […]

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