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Monthly Archive for March, 2009

“Spring has sprung Little birdies tweet Leaves are budding …and the cat’s in heat” Well…not that last for we took care of THAT little problem!  Otherwise, beginning to feel like Spring…somewhat.  In the last couple of weeks we’ve had crocuses pushing through and, yesterday, taking a walk round the yard was delighted at the show…purples, […]

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And where is the rabbit which lays our favourites, this year…you know, the Cadbury Creme?  Been replaced by a chocolate-brown bunny much enamoured by a jar of peanut butter…cute, but just not the same.  Then again, I only like my peanut butter on bread, topped with jelly. But I was totally thrilled, Friday, when friend […]

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As always, Sunday…for me…doesn’t get a good start until I have watched my favourite programme of the week…CBS “Sunday Morning”.  I may have just gotten up out of the cozy ‘bed-nest’ but will be found curled up on the couch, surrounded by my canine kids, mug of coffee in hand.  Everything…including breakfast…on hold until this hour and a […]

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