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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Pancake Tuesday

That would be this coming week (Feb. 24th) and, hopefully, the long-held traditions “at home” still exist.  Being the day before Lent when all the foods, beverages, dairy goods would be held in abeyance (likewise most other fun or…sins, if you like) for almost six weeks the genesis for Pancake Tuesday…or Shrove Tuesday…was to use up […]

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For the last few days I’ve had errands to run, drove to my volunteer duties, just took a drive because the day was sunny, heralding Spring.  Birds were singing, the air was fresh and clean, life was good.  And then the BIG, BLACK CLOUD floated over via the airwaves of our local talk radio station.  What the hell??  […]

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Now I’ve seen everything!  Someone sent me this site today http://www.pinkcoyote.net:80/creativegrooming.html I saw something similar recently…can’t remember if it was a magazine, tv, similar web-site or an email with just pics of pups having been decorated in just such a fashion.  Fashion??  Is that what it is?  Art?  I just cannot fathom why anyone would do […]

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