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Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Altogether Now..Sing

Aargh, Christmas Tree…Aargh, Christmas Tree What happened to your branches Aargh, Christmas Tree…Aargh, Christmas Tree Look!  Imprints of cats’ haunches They climb up front, to slide down back Paws caught in lights, as dekkies they whack Aaargh, Christmas Tree, Aaargh, Christmas Tree Once lovely were your branches Aargh, Christmas Tree…Aargh, Christmas Tree All broken are your baubles Aargh Christmas […]

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Wow…thank you for this Angelbaby!  Sorry I didn’t notice it sooner and my thanks are very belated.  You did  really nice job.  Maybe one day I’ll figure it out…lolol.  Nobody hold your breath! Please check out her lovely site as well those of the other recipients. http://yourcaringangels.com/

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I read the article and viewed the promotional commercial for encouraging Scots to “come home” next year.  Hmmm…I DO love the song, always have despite the wave of homesickness it generates (even after all these 40+ years) but the fact that next year seems to have been ‘the chosen’ one in commemoration of Rabbie Burns’ birth […]

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