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Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Guisin’ on Hallowe’en

“Needin’ ony guisers?” we’d ask the tenant of the house.  Three or four of us kids…none recognisable (or so we thought!) in our Hallowe’en dress-up.  Most would say “Aye, right…c’m in…” and we’d enter the house.  Then we’d stand there, a bit awkward, pushing and shoving each other to determine who would begin the party pieces […]

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Probably one of the best news items I’ve seen in a long time (CBS Evening News).  They profiled a prison…perhaps more than one…which takes shelter dogs to prisons for training and rehabiliation by the inmates.  From what was shown, seems like the pups do as much rehabilitating as they, themselves, get.  Training over they then are ready […]

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Isn’t it though?  Not a day at the beach, for sure…no gentle sea breeze but a hard wind that doesn’t just whiff away the cobwebs of one’s mind but whips them around in a knock-down-drag-out to fling them like mini frisbees, landing who knows where.  Rain at times…from just a spitter to a downpour.  And cold […]

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