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Monthly Archive for September, 2008

As human beings we are privileged to be able to make choices through every step of this journey we call life.  Each will have our own reason for the choices we make, no matter in what sphere.  Today, in our country…and many others for while Sept. 11 tragedy happened on our soil the World Trade Centres were […]

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Give Peace A Dance

The Prayer for peace will take place onSaturday, September 13, 20084pm pacific daylight time This is the prayer for peace “We are one global familyAll colors, All racesOne world united.We dance for peace and the healing of our planet EarthPeace for all nations.Peace for our communities.And peace within ourselves.As we join all dance floors across […]

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“You can hold a thief’s hand but never a liar’s tongue”.  I don’t respect or admire either of those traits but, yes…if I had to I would be less wary of a thief than anyone whose words I could not trust.  Moreover, one lie is all it takes to break trust…mine, anyway.  And this is one […]

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