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Monthly Archive for August, 2008

ROFL!   Now that was a pretty funny line and she delivered it well.  I think it pains me to say this but…sitting here pondering last night’s convention coverage then what I saw during the national news tonight may just get me to the polls come November.  Ordinarily I make no excuse or bones for having turned […]

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America’s Got Talent

Welcome back, AGT!  (And other programming besides sports and repeats every night).   I don’t watch daytime tv but rarely and has to be something of very specific interest but I don’t mind admitting to enjoying being entertained…whether by Jeopardy, House, Nova or AGT.  Had enough of the Olympics to last me…umm…four years, maybe two…though have to […]

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Probably not a question one would be asked at the local Mickey D’s but you could be getting them with your burger, anyway.  The following video came across my email today…more disturbing than interesting.  Besides the steroids, anti-biotics, BGH they pump into our cattle, now it’s chocolate and sugar?  Uh-huh…farmer Nissley says it’s a little but do […]

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