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Monthly Archive for April, 2008

I WISH!  Just got back from a trip down to the ‘fogotten mile’ around Rehoboth Beach.  It’s only April and the traffic horrendous.  Of course, I did forget that it is the Dog Walk in RB, today, which could explain the volume of traffice even on the back roads but couldn’t help thinking about the near […]

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That State OR Federal Govt. can do this to these mothers and children…children especially…is a disgrace.  Doesn’t matter what any of us think or believe about this sect, I thought everyone was innocent until proven guilty in this country?  And if that be so, why are those children under threat of being dispersed to homes, families of whom […]

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HEAD’S UP, ANNIED!  IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY…. The lady’s turning fifty-eight But you would never know it (Kinda ticks me off, you see… Her face just barely shows it!) Yet her life’s been full of twists and turns Joys and many sorrows So I’ll take this opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMORROW!! Love you lots…and lots…and lots…

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